9 Ways to Organize a Kitchen Without Many Cabinets

25 Jul

Let us be fair: miniature kitchens can be rough for a whole lot of factors. Together with bloated countertops and puny appliances, a tiny cooking area often means you are stuck with little to no cabinets for storage. Throw in the fact that you are renting (and can not make permanent changes to your location ) and things will begin to appear really gloomy.

Luckily, with a little scheming, you can flip your kitchen into a organized (and storage-savvy) place. Forget that you simply have two drawers plus a few under sink area, there are still lots of methods to split out more storage space --no builder needed! Continue reading for ten of our favourite suggestions for keeping your kitchen organized whenever you aren't working with a great deal of cabinetry.

Make smart use of a rolling cart

If were not already cool to the magic of cellular storage then now is the time to listen . In addition to being super adorable and cheap, rolling carts may take everything from cleaning supplies to condiments, and squeeze nearly everywhere on your kitchen.

Double your cupboards with shelves that are piling

Funny how something as straightforward as an additional shelf can break or make your storage scenario. Stacking shelves are still an easy--and inexpensive--way to make additional room within your little cabinets without consuming any extra space.

Divide and conquer your drawers

Along with maintaining your drawers ultra-organized, miniature storage containers are a terrific way to forge additional storage room in a cramped kitchen Stick--and pile -- a couple ones within a deep pantry or drawer and store food, cutlery, and your other little things; no cabinets needed!

Hang some curtain rods

Who would have figured that drape pole could be multi-functional? Hang a couple of ones over your toaster to maintain all your favorite pots and pans or slip a couple tension rods below your sink to get a few storage.

Produce a pegboard wall

Resourceful and surprisingly trendy, pegboards are a fantastic way to remain organized when you aren't working with a whole lot of cabinetry in kitchen. And though hanging might leave you with a couple unsightly holes in your walls, it is nothing some spackle can not mend before move-out.

Insert a mobile island

Much like a cart, portable islands are a cute approach to making more storage space on kitchen. In addition to being mobile, these multifunctional islands moonlight as cutting boards, which means that you get more counter space, also!

Utilize a open shelving unit

While it can appear to be a no-brainer, spacious shelving units really are a smart (and hardy way) to devise additional kitchen storage when you are lacking cupboard space. Put a slick one in a tight corner or along a narrow wall, and show off all of your cool dishware in fashion.

Stash dinnerware onto a wall socket

If you use one as a drying rack or to get extra storage, wall-mounted shelves create amazing dinnerware displays. And if you are concerned about leaving holes, fret not. They are super easy to spot up at a pinch.

Use your oven

It may seem cliché but ovens have been in actuality, a smart method to make more space for storage in a very small kitchen. It is possible to stash your cutting boards and baking sheets without consuming any cupboard area and appear marginally more cosmopolitan for doing this

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